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Introducing 3fiftyseven®

3fiftyseven® empowers users to make optimised trading decisions across asset classes and currencies, via a suite of powerful web-based apps for strategy discovery, analysis, monitoring, pricing and execution.

AnalyticsFP 3fiftyseven Strategy Optimisation

Strategy Optimisation

Scan the extremely high-dimensional space of potential trading strategies in order to identify the optimal expression of any trading view, consistent with a given investment mandate.

AnalyticsFP 3fiftyseven Tracking and Alerts

Tracking and Alerts

Track individual strategy performance and be alerted to changes in strategy dynamics across a comprehensive range of metrics.

AnalyticsFP 3fiftyseven Monitor Markets

Monitor Markets

Obtain a high-level overview with unique information compression derived from a wide range of markets. Our web-based platform allows users to reduce the dimensionality of markets and quickly extract actionable investment insights from the universe of potential strategies.

AnalyticsFP 3fiftyseven Strategy Analysis

Strategy Analysis

Perform deep-dive analyses on candidate trading strategies using a broad and differentiated suite of valuation metrics and customisable visualisations. Our technology enables users to rapidly evaluate trading opportunities and to understand and manage associated portfolio risks.

AnalyticsFP 3fiftyseven Pricing and Execution

Pricing and Execution

Execute on a strategy after requesting live market price quotes.

3fiftyseven® platform is powered by PrismFP Data

PrismFP Data

Unparalleled Data Scope to Enable Optimised Decision-Making

Comprehensive Data Coverage

We source historic raw data from a wide variety of data providers, covering liquid exchange-traded and OTC products across asset classes and currencies.

Aligned, Cleaned and Enhanced

Raw data is cleaned and de-noised via a suite of proprietary anomaly detection and error correction algorithms. We adopt a transparent, principled and fully auditable approach, with market practitioner input at every step. Post hoc control over the data enhancement process is incorporated via a battery of statistical tests.

Derived and Synthetic Data

Derived and synthetic datasets provide users with a wealth of new sources for trading signal generation and risk management. Novel statistical and machine learning techniques are leveraged to interpolate, impute and predict new data points.

Advanced Scenario Analysis

Stress testing and scenario analysis tools provide a deeper understanding of the risks associated with any given strategy.

Advanced Simulation Forward Testing

Go beyond simple historic backtests: novel machine learning techniques are harnessed to generate simulated data for advanced forward testing of any strategy. Regime detection and matching algorithms provide users with a whole new dimension to strategy testing.

Easy API Setup and Access

Access code-friendly APIs providing transformed data that are ready to use over ubiquitous protocols.

Our Approach

Interdisciplinary Culture

Interdisciplinary Culture

We innovate via an iterative feedback loop between market practitioners, quantitative analysts, data scientists, and engineers to ensure that quantitative rigour is always aligned with practical market insights.

Data Centric

Data Centric

We thrive on solving the engineering and quantitative challenges involved in extracting unique, high-quality insights from data.

SaaS and Digital-First

SaaS and Digital-First

As part of our digital-first philosophy, we deliver SaaS and data products that aim to maximise user experience.

Cloud Native Architecture

Cloud Native

Our software engineers leverage the rich and evolving palette of building blocks provided by cloud services and open source frameworks.